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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Ugh last week I was in some kind of a funk. Come Thursday I couldn't really function as anything more then a zombie. We went to my parents Friday to celebrate my Dad's belated birthday. I made him a Jewish apple cake, which was MORE then amazing, not to toot my own horn but beep! beep! For some reason, possibly allergies, (UGHHHHHHH) I has a splitting headache, actually migrane. So bad that all I wanted to do was sleep. Of course Friday night I got *maybe* 2 hours of sleep, making my headache that much worse. I eventually got rid of it last night, but it lingers today even. I also strayed far, very far, from my diet this weekend. But it was a reward well earned, cause this diet is killing me. It's easy, but gets very redundant. It was a lot easier being vegan while I lived in South Philly. There were more options restaurant and grocery store wise. I decided I'm gonna have a cheat day once a week, Sunday... A day to look forward to.
Ollie is now 23 weeks old and is getting so close to that half birthday mark. Yet he's still just my little guy. He sleeps on me and hold my hand to sleep. He cries "mama" when hungry in the early morning. Only when crying, of course! He wants to clap hands, he's learning to grab EVERYTHING, and he's getting so good at sitting up by himself. His hair is also starting to come in more. Which is creating icky cradle cap. I hate that stuff, but apparently it means more hair growth. Hopefully he gets Dave's light brown straight hair and not my almost black wavy locks.
Dave has off tomorrow, so Tuesday will be devoted to cleaning. Fun!
Have a great Monday night.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busy Bees

We did a bunch today. And all in the pouring rain. Ugh. Our dear friend was able to run me all over gods green earth today since I had so many errands to run. Dave didn't have work today so we switched off watching Ollie in the car rather then bringing him into every store. Finally got everything done just before dinner, TACOS! Vegan of course.
I'd like to acknowledge a special persons birthday, my fathers. His birthday is today and even though I didn't get to see him, i'll see him this weekend. I love birthdays and always go overboard with presents and cake and cards etc. He's worth it! Even Dave, who's shy(ish) wished a happy birthday via phone. Ollie tried too, but only got a couple ooohs and ahhs in.

This is my new hair-do. It's a little darker then my natural color. The blonde is more ashy then I'm used to. Usually when I go blonde it's very light or platinum. Maybe eventually I'll go platinum. But for now I'm trying to keep my hair healthy so it'll grow back to it's old length of mid back. Tomorrow I'm being a domestic princess, but just for tomorrow.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

I guess our weekend really started Thursday afternoon when Dave got done work. We took a walk to a local park so Ollie could test out the baby swings. It was almost 70 degreees out. Since Dave didn't work Friday, we decided to head down into the city for the afternoon.

We took the train down around noon. After some misshaps and a pee soaked blanket we headed down to a favorite playground of mine on South street, Starr Garden. Before the park we ate at an all vegan restaurant/pizzeria, Blackbird Pizzeria. Dave had a "pepperoni" pizza slice and we split a seitan cheesesteak while Ollie gulped down a bottle of mama milk. I think thier food is a little overpriced, but I understand why. Vegan cheese, in particular Daiya, is expensive. I still like my cheesesteak better but oh well.

At the park we met up with Aunt Gabby and her fiancé Jordan. She took a bunch of cute pictures of Ollie and babytalked him about how adorable he was. Ollie is about half Gabby's size, so seeing her holding him is kinds funny but really cute. Then our friend Haley stopped by with her new little 1 month old Boy, Shepard. He was just precious, and had a full head of hair! He's becoming such a big boy, it's amazing how fast they grow. It feels like just yesterday Ollie was that big! Soon Ollie will be crawling and biting with his new teeth! Speaking of which, he's teething and was a fusspot all weekend, ugh.
Later Friday, after we got home, Aunt Sally came over to finish my hair. Were slowly bleaching sections blonde, as to not fry my hair. It's a lot lighter now then last weekend! She stayed over till Saturday afternoon and after she left I collapsed into our bed with Oliver and watched movies all night from there. I was so tired from walking all day in the sun on Friday. It got up to 77 degrees! Felt like 80 to me. Sunday was spent folding 4 loads of laundry and seperating baby clothes into "size now" piles.

Ollie loves playing drums with da-da! He's more musically inclined at 22 weeks old then I am at 24 years Old!
Have a great Monday : )

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Workout Wednesday

He is such a sweet boy. He's very grumpy today too. You would be too if you hadn't pooped in over 48 hours! Poor guy. If he doesn't *make* by tomorrow I'll give him some prunes(yuck) for dinner.
Today I got back on my strict workout schedule I lapsed from for a few days. I also weighed myself and lost 4lbs! In celebration I baked some vegan walnut coconut chocolate chip cookies. They turned out amazing and I got to eat 2 guilt free today : ) If you want the recipe you can head on over to everydaydish.org and search for the "homestyle chocolate chip cookies". The recipe is so simple and only takes 11 minutes to bake a batch. Try em out!
Tomorrow I'll be flying solo again as Dave heads to his new job. I kinda enjoy the qaulity time I get with Ollie, who will be *officially* 5 months old tomorrow! Time flies!
Have a happy St. Pattys day!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend we made the trip to my parents house for some much needed family time. While there we went thirfting a bunch. I picked some cheap 6-24 month clothes, blocks, cloth book, and some yoga tapes. My parents bought Ollie some really cool clothes, a fish shaped car, and this awesome german made wooden duck pull string toy. I think all and all we spent *maybe* $20? Ollie's defintely a little spoiled, but only a little.

Dave and Ollie watching "Muppets From Space" last Thursday, a VERY rainy day.

This weekend also marked a very unique occasion, the first time Oliver has had solid poop. Of you're not a mom, this is probably just gross to you. But to a cloth diapering mama who washed out every poopy diaper by hand, this is a joyous, wonderful thing! It's so easy now, plop! Swish, flush. Done!
I also got my hair done this weekend, rather today by my very lovely best friend Sally. Oliver's godmother Sally came down yesterday for her birthday, which is today! Happy Birthday Sally, we love you!
Hope your Monday was as good as mine!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Topic Thursday: namesake

The week I found out I was pregnant, I was flipping through the pages of a baby name book every day. There were so many names...and I didn't even know the sex yet! I was getting ahead of myself and forgetting it's not my name to decide it's "ours". Dave and I talked about naming a boy after him, continue the tradition. But we wanted To break that mold, think outside the box. I 'Felt' like the baby was a girl, I was dead wrong, bur I focused on girl names. We decided after some time for a girl "Pennelope Rose", or Penny for short. And for a boy, "Jude", muddle name undecided. I liked the name Jude but wasn't in love with it. It was Dave's comformation name so at least it had meaning. Bur it didn't click still. Then the day before my birthday we found out he was a boy. Boy names starting enveloping every moment of my day. We went through many, Caleb, Clove, Jake, Milo, David, etc. One day while searching names I came across "Oliver". I fell in love with it. "Ollie" for short had my heart. But was it 'his' name? How would I know? Later that week I left for a week long vacation in Maine. After an exhausting car ride we finally arrived at our hotel. As my parents checked in, I sorted through brochures. Then like a lightning bolt, there it was..."Ollie's Trolley". Some brochure for a trolley service to Bar Harbor. It was a sign...an omen. That was the name, that was my sons name. His name was Oliver. Oliver Michael, after his grandfathers comformation name and nickname. His 2nd middle name is my maiden name which I hold dear, Eckhardt. I am the last 'Eckhardt' of my bloodline. Oliver may not have my name but he'll be able to carry it on. Now I know the truth worth of a name.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekend Recap: better late then never!

Ugh I've been a horrible blogger! I have good excuses though I swear! Recently Dave and I went vegetarian(him) and vegan(me). The change has been drastic, more so for him then me, seeing I was vegetarian for years and then vegan before. I've also been exercising everyday, twice a day. Running stairs/walking, lifting weights and practicing yoga. This baby weight needs to go away, permently! I feel so much healthier now and even less sluggish and tired. I started re-taking my prenatel even. My best friend is doing my hair for me next week. I'm hoping it's a self esteem booster. Lately I've felt kinda down on myself, but I'm now trying to live the "salt free life" by cutting people who create negativity out. I don't need that around me or my son. In that same sense, I'm trying to mend some of those bridges I started burning. Sometimes it only takes a couple a words or an argument to make you realize how trivial some things are in comparison. I now see how some things seem so silly compared to larger scale events that will shape who I am forever. Even if you're an "angel" I guess it's hard to not be caught "running with the devil". I'm so grateful for my ever supportive family and friends, they keep me sane in a very psychotic world. It hard to live in this world, but it's harder if you're stupid (words of my Father).

I think I may have the cutest child ever, ok I'm bias : ) but still! He never fails at making me smile. I love his bubble wig, he looks like Jimmy Neutron or Elvis. He's been jabbering on like a monkey for the past 2 weeks, practicing his "ooooo" and "ahhhhh". And he's been eating up a storm! So far he's had...
-green beans
-sweet green peas*

The ones with an "*" are the things he hated and spit out and even cried over. He's really not 'too' fussy with food, unlike me, and just like his dad. I'm also happy to say I now get close to 7 servings of fruit AND vegetables a day and I've been soda free for 2 months. Now I'm working on coffee free. It's not easy but I make do.

I'm gonna leave you with this beautiful little cherub face! I can't believe he's 20 weeks old! And to all my friends who read, if you haven't kissed this sweet face lately please come
do so soon, were moving to Maine in May. We'll be the ones with "smell ya later PA" written on our bumpers!
Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Topic Thursday: Raspberries

No no no...not the fruit. Although they're delicious. "Blowing Raspberries" is an artform. It takes months/years to perfect. I myself, am a raspberry master, no...Jedi. I have a certain technique and a delicate process. I've been blowing raspberries at Ollie since the first week he was born. It was the thing that first made him smile and also the what him first laugh. It calms him down when he's upset, and turns that diaper change or bath into a fun time. And today for the first time ever, and after weeks of trying, he blew his first raspberry! He's been blowing little bubbles for about 3 weeks or so but not actually sticking his tongue out and blowing, so today was an exciting day. I couldn't get a really picture but you get you the idea.
Have a great Friday and weekend!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Picky Eaters

Ollie is confusing the crap outta me. He loved sweet potatos, check. He seemed to like sweet green peas Sunday night, but the last 2 nights he's been refusing them. He didn't like apples that much, now he can't get enough. He likes pears, but not as much as apples....see what I mean?! Oh well at least I know Dave will literally eat anything I put in front of him. Which is usually awesome food, cooked with a lot of love. Tonight was eggplant parm.
And for dessert...

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Pudding.
Mmmm it was delicious. Can't wait for it cold!(I like it better cold then warm)

Enjoy your Tuesday night!