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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Ugh last week I was in some kind of a funk. Come Thursday I couldn't really function as anything more then a zombie. We went to my parents Friday to celebrate my Dad's belated birthday. I made him a Jewish apple cake, which was MORE then amazing, not to toot my own horn but beep! beep! For some reason, possibly allergies, (UGHHHHHHH) I has a splitting headache, actually migrane. So bad that all I wanted to do was sleep. Of course Friday night I got *maybe* 2 hours of sleep, making my headache that much worse. I eventually got rid of it last night, but it lingers today even. I also strayed far, very far, from my diet this weekend. But it was a reward well earned, cause this diet is killing me. It's easy, but gets very redundant. It was a lot easier being vegan while I lived in South Philly. There were more options restaurant and grocery store wise. I decided I'm gonna have a cheat day once a week, Sunday... A day to look forward to.
Ollie is now 23 weeks old and is getting so close to that half birthday mark. Yet he's still just my little guy. He sleeps on me and hold my hand to sleep. He cries "mama" when hungry in the early morning. Only when crying, of course! He wants to clap hands, he's learning to grab EVERYTHING, and he's getting so good at sitting up by himself. His hair is also starting to come in more. Which is creating icky cradle cap. I hate that stuff, but apparently it means more hair growth. Hopefully he gets Dave's light brown straight hair and not my almost black wavy locks.
Dave has off tomorrow, so Tuesday will be devoted to cleaning. Fun!
Have a great Monday night.

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