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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Topic Thursday: Raspberries

No no no...not the fruit. Although they're delicious. "Blowing Raspberries" is an artform. It takes months/years to perfect. I myself, am a raspberry master, no...Jedi. I have a certain technique and a delicate process. I've been blowing raspberries at Ollie since the first week he was born. It was the thing that first made him smile and also the what him first laugh. It calms him down when he's upset, and turns that diaper change or bath into a fun time. And today for the first time ever, and after weeks of trying, he blew his first raspberry! He's been blowing little bubbles for about 3 weeks or so but not actually sticking his tongue out and blowing, so today was an exciting day. I couldn't get a really picture but you get you the idea.
Have a great Friday and weekend!

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