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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Topic Thursday: Babylegs

When I first saw a pair of Babylegs online, I thought to myself "why would anyone need those?". Then I got pregnant and signed up for like 10 different baby "steal" sites. One of the sites was having a deal on Babylegs, $8 shipped. So after extensive reading and trying to understand *still* "what are these REALLY for?!", I bought a pair. I bought a pair of regular sized ones with puzzle print on them. When they showed up about a week later, Dave was interested in what I bought. I pulled them out of the package, he looked at me puzzled..." why'd you buy yourself leg warmers? It's like a million degrees out!". I shook my head and chuckled... "Thier not for me! Their for the baby!". Once again a puzzled look..."Why does the baby need leg warmers?". I stopped, hmm...good point. Why does the baby *need* these? I put them in our "baby box" and didn't think about them again till we moved. I unpacked them after Ollie was born and had them sitting in his sock drawer..staring at me everytime I got a pair of socks out. Up until a month and a half ago I *STILL* had no idea what they were reallllyyy for. Till one day I didn't feel like putting Ollie in pants and was looking around for something else... Low and behold...BABYLEGS. I was in love. Changing his diaper was quicker. They didn't bunch up when holding him. They looked ADORABLE. He was warm. I finally knew what the big deal was. Dave calls them "crazylegs" by the way haha. That week I searched Amazon and found a smaller infant sized pair for another great deal of $4.95 shipped. So now he has 2 pairs, and I'm hoping Zippy and Papa will buy him more. His grandparents are great that way, always taking notice of the small things we like. My dad loves the babylegs now too. I made us all firm believers.

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