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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Since my boy was sick yesterday and was quite the fuss pot today I'm gonna make this Topic Thursday kinda short.

Since the second Oliver was born he has this magical baby power over me. He can somehow sneeze and I wake instantly. Even while I sleep his very movement is captured by sleepy eyes and soothed until he falls peacefully a sleep. He sleeps like an angel, and sometimes not at all. His sleep is effected by the smallest noise and dimest of lights. He can't be tricked or rocked to sleep. He is wise beyond his years...or months rather.
Getting Ollie to sleep nowadays is like an Olympic sport, and I should be a gold medalist. He wakes at 8-9am and by 11-12 he's ready for a nap. Try telling him that. I'll nurse him to sleep and would rather be trapped with him a sleep on my lap then risk the chance of him waking by moving him. Too many times have I almost sobbed when he's gone into his swing only to open his eyes seconds after being put down. He's a cuddly guy, and that's all he wants....day and night. Afternoon naps are almost impossible. They're like a lunar eclipse; seen few times and AMAZING. When he has growth spurts, like now, I feel like these things you call "naps" are some rare bird that lives far away, one I'll only see in a zoo or on tv.
Naps are a walk in the park compared to the main event of nighttime sleep. I use to be greatful for the fact he started sleeping through the nights at 3 weeks. Then I had to start co-sleeping with him and realized I'd rather go back to waking every 2 hours and being awake for an hour inbetween. It was easier then. Co-sleeping with him was killing my back and racking my brain. I'd wake and check to see if he was ok every, oh 5 minutes... It was exhausting...
Now Oliver sleeps in his co-sleeper. It's easier on my back and my brain. He sleeps better and I can still obessively watch him breathe while he sleeps. Maybe one day We'll get him to sleep in his bassinet, during the DAY and night. I'm pretty sure that day will go down in history as the "best day ever".

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