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Monday, January 31, 2011

Rock On

Ollie is officially 15 weeks as of yesterday. He's already hit milestones that babies 3-4 weeks older are hitting now! My little guy is so smart. I wish I could figure him out sometimes, though. Last night he would NOT go to sleep. We tried rocking him, letting him "cry it out" (which had us awake till 3:50 by the time we figured that was BS), we changed him, and I fed him...TWICE. Nothing seemed to work and honestly I can't even remember how we finally got him to go to sleep, but by that time I was literally ready to sell him off to the gyptsies or something. I could have cried I was so tired. I hope tonight is better.

We really didn't do much of anything over the weekend. Played around and ate some good food. Saturday nights dinner, which I had planned and planned all day, turned out horrible! I suppose everyone has those "bad kitchen" days, but it could had been worse.....no I lie, it couldn't have been.

Ollie just loves when his daddy plays piano for him. Dave could probably entertain Ollie all day. Which is good for me because I'm trying to get a small buisness off the ground right now and can use all the time I can get. But even though I know I should be "working", I can't help but spend my "free" time hanging out this best little dude!

How could you say "no" to a face like that?!

Have a great Monday night!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thirsties & Bella Bottoms Cloth Diapers Giveaway!

I'm very pleased for our first giveaway! One lucky reader will get a "Cloth Wipe Starter Kit" of sorts. It includes 1, 4 oz. travel size Thirsties Booty Luster; retails for $6.25, and 6 Bella Bottom Cloth Diaper 6"x 8" hemp wipes; retails for $5.99. 

 We've been using Thirsties booty luster since November and love it! It really does the job on those super messy cleanups! It has ingredients I can actually pronounce and I'm not afraid it will give my son a rash. We love Thirsties and all thier products!  


"Thirsties line of cloth diapers were launched in 2004 in an effort to offer sustainably produced and quality designed diapers at affordable prices. Our mission is to make it easy and attainable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices."- From Thirsties website,  Thirsties

"Thirsties Booty Luster is blended by hand in small batches, using flowers, plants, resins, and high quality organic ingredients. Each component of our wipes solution has been carefully selected to not only clean your baby's diaper area, but to soothe and moisturize, as well. And perhaps most importantly, the properties of Thirsties Booty Luster actually help to restore the natural barrier your baby needs to protect him/herself from harmful, rash-inducing bacteria. Use Thirsties Booty Luster at every diaper change to clean thoroughly-yet gently, to moisturize, and to help protect your baby from diaper rash."

To purchase visit their site below..

Thirsties Booty Luster

 All information and pictures are from the Thirties website and copyright of Thirsties Inc.

When we were looking for cloth wipes, I stumbled across Bella Bottoms Cloth Diaper hemp wipes by accident! I was searching eBay and came across them first. I had been looking everywhere for cheap cloth wipes and didn't want to settle on cheap fabric for an outrageous price, At $5.99 for 6 wipes made of hemp, I couldn't resist! We love how incredibly soft yet durable they are. We plan on buying more soon! 

Bella Bottoms Cloth Diaper

"My goal is to provide top quality cloth diapering products at the best prices. I have spent many sleepless nights thinking of ways to make my diapers and covers not only the best available, but also the most affordable! I hope you will take a moment to check out my products."- From the Bella Bottoms Cloth Diaper Website,   Bella Bottoms Cloth Diapers

"You are looking at 6 Bella Bottoms cloth wipes. They are made with a single layer of 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton fleece and are PERFECT for cloth diapering or general baby care. They are finished with beautiful aqua around the edges and measure 6X8 inches. These wipes are thick enough to do a great job with just one wipe and thin enough to really get in those little nooks and crannies!"

To purchase visit thier site below..

Bella Bottoms Cloth Diapers Hemp Wipes

 All information and pictures are from the Bella Bottoms Cloth Diapers website and copyright of Bella Bottoms Cloth Diapers Inc.
Bella Bottoms Cloth Diapers

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Thursday, January 27, 2011


When other mom's use to tell me they didn't breastfeed I secretly thought they were "awful mothers" who didn't "care about their baby's health or future". I would look down my nose on them for giving thier baby's formula, which clearly wasn't as good as breastmilk. I'd think about how selfish they were. They'd rather have a gassy, fussy, baby with a poor immune system. They'd rather have free time to do other things besides sit around breastfeeding all day. Why didn't they want the bonding? The accomplishment? The nutrients and anti-bodies?! What's WRONG with them?!?...
Nothing...there's nothing wrong with not breastfeeding. Sometimes you can't. Sometimes you have to work and can't pump. Sometimes your baby won't latch on at all. Sometimes...you just don't have the energy. The more times I read stories about women having those issues, the more I understood about why some don't breastfeed. And with the more I read, I got scared. I was terrified from the very first second the nurse placed my baby in my arms and said "Are you ready?". She taught me nothing, said nothing, and left the room. There I was, alone in my room, trying to shove my enourmous flat nipple into my son's mouth. He looked up at me with squinty, slimy eyes asking to be fed. I pulled away, squeezed my nipple...nothing came out. Not even a drop of colostrom which has soaked my shirts in the previous weeks. I couldn't understand where the milk was? Why wasn't it flowing from my breast and nourishing my son by now? Why was I broken?
What was really happening was my milk hadn't come in. Finally the nurse came back in and I told her "I couldn't do it". She looked at me disappointed. She told me she'd give him some formula. I was ashamed. I couldn't even feed my own son. And now he'd have to be formula fed and all my plans are down the drain, and I'm a horrible mom, etc. When I got back to my room they took him away to get some "sun". I sat in my room with Dave and watched him make phone calls. I sat there baffled. What was I doing wrong? Where was my milk? I "Googled" breasfeeding and read website after website. What were these terms they were talking about?! How do I "let down", should I try pumping instead? Was my son now forever tainted with formula? What if he didn't like my milk comparitivley?! I was freaking out. This wasa huge deal to me.
When the next nurse came in she came bearing a small bottle of Emfamil newborn formula. I told her "I wanted to breastfeed him." She told me that'd "be ok", but left the bottle on my table before leaving the room. I thought " oh god, she dosent think I'll be able to do it either!". I smuggly took my breast out of my bra and without acting like I needed any help, once again tried to breastfeed my child. He wouldn't take it...He wouldn't latch on. Not even for a second. I held back tears. I fed him the bottle as my family re-entered the room to see if I was feeding him...the way I wanted to. It was embarassing. My mom re-assured me, "'your milk just hasn't come in! Give it time Megg." Everyone had thier own opinion of course. And I was too stubborn and embarassed to listen to anyone.
That morning came and went and so far my son had eaten at least 6 bottles, of formula of course. The nurses switched and with that change the new one brought my baby back from testing. He was so beautiful, and at least full. I was grateful formula existed and wondred why I had hated it? The nurse asked me if I'd "like to try breastfeeding again?". I nodded and she placed him in arms on top of the Boppy. I tried again...and failed. I could feel the tears welling up as the nurse left, promising to be "right back". She came back after 5 minutes or so. During those 5 minutes I mustered up all my courage and told my embarassment off. I asked her, "can you help me do this? I don't know what I'm doing." She had un understanding smile and said "don't worry, it isn't always easy and sometimes just doesn't happen." It was sobering, yet it was something I needed to grasp. It might not happen, AND that's OK. She helped me guide and gave me tips, till, like a lightbulb, had an idea. She left and when she came back she had a little plastic case. "This is a nipple shield, it goes over top...sometimes they like the pertuded nipple more." I put it on and guided my nipple towards his mouth. He rooted around and struggled a bit. Then finally....he latched on. He sucked and I was surprised that it didn't feel worse, it felt better. My son was breastfeeding. And continued until I had to stop him. I was delighted. I didn't care that it was in "my plans", or what was "best". I was delighted because he was content and full, and I provided it.
I continued to nurse and suppliment until Oliver was 2 weeks old. From then on he's been. strictly breastfed. He loves nursing and sometimes uses it to fall a sleep. He's gaining weight at a normal rate and is in the 40 percentile. I couldn't be more happy with breastfeeding. It's frustrating at times and not always easy or convienent. But it's what works for us, so that's all that matters.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rolling Over

Today was the best day of all days, if you're a kid...a snow day. It snowed only 3-4 inches and then rained sleet the rest of the day but it was still pretty. We decided to kick around inside with our pj's on all day and watch public tv. I didn't do any chores or bother trying to cook up anything fancy. It was just or of "those" days.

Dave made us lunch (tuna salad with dill and cheese, pickles, and chips), so I thought since we were already on the floor let's have a picnic! We laid Ollie's blanket down and pulled over one of the ottomans and ate off it like a table.

In the middle of eating Ollie decided to roll over on his side. He's been doing that since he was 1 month old, so I thought nothing of it, just him being silly. Then as I was snapping photos of him he rolled over from his back to his tummy...ALL THE WAY OVER!!! I was amazed, he just did something, at 14 weeks, a baby at 18 weeks should be doing! I'm such a proud mama! I took pictures while Dave ran and got the video camera and start recording. We both just watched our son for a good 15 minutes, roll over and over and over again across the floor.

It started snowing again about 3 hours ago and has no sign of stopping till morning. Tomorrow
is chili day and Topic Thursday. Tomorrows topic is breastfeeding; the pro's & con's.

Have a beautiful night

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Woe's

Little man was NOT happy today. We've been having trouble getting him to sleep due to him eating less at night now. He's not exactly reverse cycling but it's close...and with both of us lacking in sleep at night, were not the easiest to get along with.
The sales person for the Photography company we had take pictures was over today. After going over all the ridiculously priced packages we deceided to just stick with our free 8" x 10" that was a condition of the package we bought in the hospital. What a rip-off. The pictures weren't even that great. Most were objectifying and humiliating, I mean yes, he's a baby but first and foremost he's a PERSON. They had him all geeked out like a show Poodle. I wasn't impressed. The picture we picked is very simple and he looks happy and content without any..."FLUFF".

Supper tonight was another well planned event. Last night I marinated some Porkchops in brown sugar, soy sauce, and maple syrup after seasoning them with Ginger and sage. I laid them over carrots and onions. Then this morning I added asparagus and radishes in the mix, I didn't want them in too long cause their so soft they'll turn to mush. Then I baked it all at 350 for 40 minutes while I made some home made apple sauce to eat with. It was delicious. I don't wanna toot my own horn...buttttt..... Beep-beep!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Top 5 Can't Live Withouts

Heres a list of all the things that make daily life as parents of an infant, liveable. They keep us sane, save the day, and most importantly keep our little boy happy.
(Links to where you can buy each product will be listed below the picture & paragraph)

Number 1.) Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse

This seahorse was purchased at Kohls with a gift card I got after having Ollie. Anytime I get a gift card, I spend the whole thing on him, on stuff he needs. As soon as I saw this on the shelf I knew I had to buy it then and put it away for Christmas. Christmas night he slept with it and has every night since. He loves having it right next to him in the co-sleeper while he drifts to sleep. We love it cause it has a light in it's belly, illuminating his little face while he sleeps. It plays soft music with bubbling noises in the backround. I can't imagine not falling a sleep to it now.

Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse

Number 2.) Bright Starts Links

These links may seem really simple and almost pointless, but they serve many purposes. Not only do they link to the carseat carrier, the swing, the stroller and the carseat handle, but they by them selves make the perfect teething toy. They fit so perfectly in Oliver's little hand and he loves mouthing on the diffrently colored links. When linked to a loop on a toy they can cannot to virtually anything you can imagine. Point being: their great.

Bright Starts Links

Number 3.) Boppy

I've never sat up and breastfed my son without the Boppy safetly secured under him and around my waist. I'm sure that seems spoiled sounding to those of you without one, but honestly I don't think I could breastfeed comfortably without it. If you plan on breastfeeding, I recommend having one in your posession. They may seem kinda pricey for a "pillow" but now that Ollie's older it serves even more uses. I use it to keep him sitting in my lap, laying down with it wrapped around him, and with him on his tummy facing out and holding his head up. It's a true miracle worker.


Number 4.) Soothie Pacifier

When we brought Oliver home from the hospital he had already tasted the sweet joy of a "mippy", (me and mom have always called pacifiers mippy, call it what you may..binky, paci, etc.)and loved it, as I did till 3 years old. He had a Nuk one and seemed content. 3 days after brinGinger him home I was out shopping for him with a gift card I recieved. Along with the swaddle sacks I picked up was a free Soothie, already steralized. I thought I was ridiculous and too big for his face. He loved it. And still does. I find Dave and myself saying "where's soothie?!" at least 10 times a day. It's not glued to his mouth and he doesn't need it to sleep, but when he does need it...it's a LIFE SAVER. We bought around 10 after the first and hid them all around the house just "in case".

Soothie Pacifier

Number 5.) Fisher Price Ocean Wonders SpaceSaver Swing & Seat

For the first 2 weeks of life, this was our little mans bed. He slept so sound in it with the "Calming Vibrations" on and soft music on low. I was terrified of him not being within arms reach of me, so every night I'd place him in a swaddle and in the swing. It was easy and he loved it. It was hell getting him even into the co-sleeper from that. With it's rounded out bucket seat and cozy padded walls I don't blame him for being mad about leaving it. It's been so helpful in getting chores done while he sits peacefully or sleeps soundly. It creates the perfect little nook for him that only my lap and arms can out-do.

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders SpaceSaver Swing & Seat


Doctor Doctor

I could tell by that smile he was feeling okay, but his little cough he'd produce every so often had me worrying anyway. Thus I called the Pedi and made an appt for tonight. He really doesn't mind the doctors office, but I on the other hand LOATHE it. It's not the waiting, or the appointment itself, or the doctors even. It's the sick kids in there with thier dumb parents who never taught them to cover thier mouths when they cough or sneeze. There was one girl in their tonight hacking up phlem at the checkout window while her mom ignored her and her coughing in the direction of a newborn waiting to be seen. It's literally a breeding ground for germs and Dave and I slather our hands with sanitizer the whole time we're there and after. Like everytime, I'll be crossing my fingers he doesn't get sick! He was fine btw, just a little cold, nothing treatable. He's also up to 12lbs 11.4 oz, a gain of one pound in 3 weeks! He'll be eating cereal before we know it.

He slept the whole way home, and is sleeping now after his feeding. Tomorrow the portrait guy is coming over to show us the pictures we had taken last weekend. He'll probably try and convince me we need "all these photos for memories and such", and I'll probably swoon over how cute they are and fall for it. Then Dave will sigh and bring me back to earth. We're kinda obsessed with pictures. Dave is a photographer by hobby, even though I take all the pictures for this blog. At least 400 of the 1100 pictures on my phone are of Ollie too. Not to mention he has 2 baby books and 2 picture books from Shutterfly. We LOVE Shutterfly too. They always send us coupons and offers. We just bought a book about the ABC's with Ollie's pics in it and Valentines day cards with his picture on the front for $14.00 shipped, saving over $50.00!! They rule. Later I'll post a list of things we literally couldn't live without.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daily Life

Ollie is 14 weeks today, hard to believe. I use to think right after Ollie was born that there was no way we've ever have a "schedule" again. But like with most things baby related it just took time. Now at 14 weeks, after some trial and error, I can safetly say, we have a schedule. Kinda. Of course it varies every so often, throwing us curveballs such as last minute doctors appointments, sparactic grocery shopping, and the ever so fun last minute Walmart shopping trip. Even our trips to the grandparents have begun to sing the same song. We get there, they hold him, we eat, go shopping, he sleeps, we eat again, he fusses, we leave. At least our daily schedule involves more stradegy, then uncertainty.

Everyday somewhere between 8-9am our little dude wakes us. We change him and play with him a bit, then I feed him breakfast, which is usually 30-40 minutes of boob. He usually falls a sleep for a good hour-hour and a half, while I sip coffee and watch awful morning public tv. When Oliver wakes up, usually his morning poop, he gets changed again, and put into clothes then gets "brunch". After about an hour or so of eating he takes a light nap while I eat lunch/fold laundry/ do whatever needs to be done. Our afternoons consist of more nursing, playtime, attempts at tummy time, chores, and another nap or 2, depending on what his night was like (he sleeps through the night once he actually GETS a sleep!). Dinner is always a mess. I start around 5-6, and by the time were ready to eat, Ollie is screaming and just unhappy. The only cure for that is more boob. Sometimes I'll nurse while eating, or wait till it's cold, I can't remember the last meal I ate *hot* without him screaming. After dinner we hangout with him and depending on if he had one the day before, he gets a bath. After the bath he goes into his night time diaper and sleep sack and gets nursed again. He'll fall sleep but wake at least 2-3 times before "bed" to nurse a little more. I'm guilty of letting him sleep on the bobby on my lap. He's never had a nap in his bassinet, but he does frequently sleep in his swing/seat throughout the day. Around 12 we take him into our room and put him to sleep in his co-sleeper. He usually wakes up at 4 or 5 am to be changed. I like our schedule, it's not perfect, but it works for us.

Our weekends are about the same as the weekdays. The only difference being is sometimes we travel out to my patents house in Lancaster. It's about an hour and a half away. Ollie sleeps the whole way there, which can mess up his sleep schedule if leaving time isn't planned right. Most of out time there is spent hanging around the house or going to the local Amish markets nearby. It's really cool they live so close to one of the best grocery stores and smorgasbords in PA, Shady Maple. We went there right before Christmas for breakfast and it was INCREDIBLE. I ate at least 8 turkey sausages stuffed with cheese...and I'm not ashamed to say it. The grocery store is also like nothing I've ever seen. They have over 300 different hot items you can take home, not to mention an enormous spice section and a bakery with every pie/cake/muffin you can imagine. If you're ever in Lancaster,PA I highly recommend going there!

Cilantro and walnut "pesto" crusted pork medalions with red wine reduction, maple and sugar baked yams with romano, and ceaser salad with dried cranberries.

Coconut curry chicken with sweet potatos and cranberries, over jasmine rice.

We love food. Even more so "ethnic" foods of all types. I've always loved cooking and baking but just recently got in to cooking Indian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese and Korean food. I can't get enough of it. I still cook tons of "American" based dishes too, just the another night we had Tuna noodle casserole...not my first choice. I like doing fushions as well, even if they don't always really "fuze" together. You may thinking "wait you have a 3 month old baby, how do you have time to cook like that?!", well I'll tell you...PLANNING HOURS AHEAD. Sometimes days. I plan the meal, thaw what I need, and throughout the day come up with how to cook it and what to pair it with. But trust me when I say, I totally have those days where I'm like "make yourself a sandwich babe, I'm not cooking.". Some days just get the best of your free time to even cook some mac n cheese.

Ollie's obsessed with these rings his Aunt Aubrie got him. They go straight in his mouth every time he gets one in his hand. I can't believe how good he is at holding his head up already. He amazes me more and more everyday.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Topic: Cloth Diapering

We have been cloth diapering Ollie since the second week of November, 1 week after his cord stump fell off. Since March of 2010 I've been reading CD websites, blogs, communities, messege boards, facebook pages, tutorials, books, etc. I spent most of my free time searching new things out, reading stories of triumph and failure and learning everything I could. I decided not too long after some research, based on our income/budget, prefolds and covers would be the best route. They're easy, cheap, and virtually indestructible. It was a no-brainer. I decided to buy a starter package off of a Thirsties seller on Ebay. It took months for me to finally get everything we needed, but finally on the day I went in to be induced, the last of our "stash" came. Our stash consist of...
-36 infant Chinese bleached prefolds
-6 Thirsties duo wraps
-4 Thirsties one size wraps xs
-5 fitteds
-1 aio
-2 small travel wetbags
-2 large wetbags
-6 doublers
-10 fleece "liners"
-2 fuzzibunz polar fleece m
-countless wool shorties/longies

Our friends and families thought we were nuts. They said it was gonna be horrible, stinky, and annoying. They were wrong.
The first day we decided to just do a test run and see if we were comfortable. I was hesistent at first, it seemed so foreign now after those first 4 weeks of using disposables. Folding the prefold was an easy desicion to make after changing my squirmy worm in sposies. I had bought Snappis, but he was too fidgity to keep one in place for more then a millasecond. The first time trying to get it all in place and everything tucked in was annoying, and sometimes when he's really upset, it's annoying then too. But the money we save is amazing, his tush doesn't get rashes, he's happier, were happier, and he looks so damn cute in them lol. It's a fairly simple change too. When we go to change him we see if he's pooped or peed. If he peed, we take out the prefold, put in the wetbag and replace his wet one for a dry one inside his cover. If he's pooped, we change him while keeping the diaper aside. Then we and wash the poop off in the sink and wipe down the sink after. Then the diaper goes in the wetbag with the other diapers. We use disposable wipes still, we just throw those away. The only real thing to keep in my mind is the creams you use. There's a long list of things like Vaseline, baby powder, desitin that will RUIN cloth diapers. We use Balmax and California Baby Calming Diaper Cream. We've never had a problem with either. Like I said...simple.
Some people think we spent our lives doing laundry because we CD. The truth is we don't do wash every day, or even every other. It's about every 4th day. So if I wash on a Wednesday, te next wash would be Saturday. It costs $3.25 every time we do wash. Which if you do the math compared to a 50-60 pack of diapers EVERY week, it's a lot less obviously.
Wash is also fairly simple. The only thing to keep in mind again, is there is also a long list of detergents that can ruin cloth diapers. Most free and clears are fine. We use Purex 2x hypoallergenic free & clear. For about 24-30 diapers you only need about 1/3 of a cap of detergent. If you use too much, you'll be rinsing them...a lot. They should pretty much smell like nothing. No soap smell. The other things to stay away from are tons of bleach and dryer sheets. We use a small amount of bleach every month just to dissinfect. Our wash goes like this... Diapers and covers go for a 1-2 hour soak in our bathtub in ice cold water with a cup of baking soda. Then they go in the washer on hot/ cold high agitation cycle with 1/3 a cap of Purex. Then the diapers go in for a hour in the dryer and the covers go in for the last 15 minutes, but sometimes we just hang dry them, and sometimes we hang dry everything to give them a break. It's that easy.
We haven't *mastered* the art of travel clothdiapering, but we've done it once or twice and even gotten family involved. Once we show them how easy a diaper change is, they usually wanna try it out for themselves haha.

Here's a list of all the websites I read/have read. They all serve their purpose in what info they give. I couldn't haven been such a good clothdiaperer without them : )


green mountain diapers

pin stripes and polka dots

diaper pin

diaper swappers

pin stripes and polka dots detergent list

info about apartment CD'ing

livejournal clothdiapering community


Friday, January 21, 2011

Emergency Room

Today was spent drinking coffee, calling/yelling at Wachovia and Unemployment and in the emergency room. I thought I had a kidney infection and rushed myself to the ER. When I get UTI's I get no symptoms and I usually don't until it becomes serious. I left Ollie with Dave and took the bus down to Taylor hospital. Dave's so great with Ollie, he's like his dad, nanny, best friend, entertainer combined. I couldn't ask for a better co-parent, hubby, best friend. I hadn't pumped and had no milk saved so Ollie had to drink soy formula for the first time ever. This was also the first time he has formula since the 2nd week he was alive. He'll be 14 weeks on Sunday! I felt weird about it but I'd rather him have formula then starve! He was so good for Dave and when I got home I was greeted to a big slobbery, gummy, smile : ) I love my guys.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last night was horrible. Today...was better. Last night Ollie refused to go to sleep at first, then passed out in my arms. Thev I woke up with him in my arms at 2:30am with the lights on, and Dave was passed out cold. So I woke Dave up to put him in the bassinet and of course he woke up and didn't want to be in the co-sleeper...only my arms. Can't lie and say I don't love holding my little guy to sleep.

Maybe I should give you guys a back story on Ollie thus far. He's 3 months and 4 days or 13 1/2 weeks. Born he was 8lbs, 21in even. Now he's 12lbs, 27 inches. He's exclusively breastfeed, but the first 2 weeks he was supplmented due to latch on problems, milk delay, and me being scared. I LOVE breastfeeding, it has been amazing. Not perfect by far though, I have to use a nipple shield everytime, which sucks. He won't take the nipple without it. Were co-sleepers, not completely by choice. For the first 3 weeks home he slept in his swing/seat in a swaddle. He hates to be swaddled, hates open spaces and the newborn body contour....so our bassinet sits un-used. I will admit I also have an EXTREME fear of SIDS and choking and anything else my little mind will scare me into thinking will happen. So we went out and bought the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper. From the beginning of November to Thanksgiving. Then when were at my parents, his first trip away, he freaaakkeedd out, refused to sleep in it and ended up in my arms. I gave in for a month, for our sanity and sleep. But since Christmas I've been trying EVERY night to get him to sleep in it. There's been progress, but some nights like last, he'll regress.

He's been playing and rolling so much more. And he's been trying to talk and blow raspberries. He has a few games he'll play with us and things we can say or sing that make him squeal. His smiles are the best. I can see two little teeth nubs on his bottom row of gums. If he's teething it would explain the constant fist eating and drooling. I'm hoping tonight will bring more sleep! Wish us luck...

Oliver's Birth Story

He was 3 days late. That doesn't seem like a lot now when I look back on it, but at the time it felt like FOREVER. I was Huge, capital H. My back was killing me, I couldn't sleep, eating seemed pointless with my constant nausea and dizziness, and I was emotionally *done* being pregnant. I had been through so many things that year, the loss of our cat, having to give away another, my parents selling my childhood home, moving 5 times! And the everyday struggles of money, jobs and being responsible for another life...it was a lot...and I was ready for it to all be over with the birth of the most important thing in my life.

I was 40 weeks pregnant there and forcing the half smile on my face for Dave's sake and sanity. He had been amazing, through everything. I couldn't have been more content, yet wanted the change my body was about go through SO bad I could have cried...and did... A LOT. I was ready.
Oliver was due October 14th, and yet before the day even came I was told because of his umbilical cord being attached to the placenta in the wrong spot, I was going to HAVE to be induced on the 15th. I didn't want to HAVE to do anything. If I could go back and change my whole birth plan around...I would. The whole thing was bright, and loud, and forced feeling. I never really felt *comfortable*.

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Friday: I was given cervadil to dilate me. At 40 weeks I was barely 1 cm. The room was too warm, there was a lady giving birth in the next room, she was beyond loud. I woke up at 3 am with pain, I was dilating, slowly but I could feel him moving down more and more. 3am turned into 4 am as I listened to another woman screaming during an exam. Nothing was comforting and I just wanted to be in my own bed with my Dave, silent and cool, with all of my cherished things around. I couldn't even get up to pee...bedpan it is then...

Saturday: 8am I was induced with pitocin. It was cold and I was so glad I brought a fleece blanket. The contractions came fast. Within 45 minutes I was breathing through pain, sweating while freezing and wishing I could have just a muffin, toast, ANYTHING to eat that wasn't liquid and drowning in ice. By 5pm I wussed out, the pain wasn't the problem, pain never is, the pressure got to me, it was unbearable. His little head was rocking in my pelvis and he was pushing his way out...slowly. I got and epidural...5 times..they just couldnt get it in right, the pinching pain was annoying and I was frustrated with everything. My mom held my hand through most of it, it was comforting. Finally I was set up an hour and a half later. It was bliss to no longer feel pressure, but it was weird because in a way I liked the pressure. It was a way of Ollie telling me "I'm here mom, I'll see you soon." I fell a sleep and my parents drove back home again, it was gonna be awhile. I was finally far enough along for my water to be broken, and with a warm rush I was getting mentally prepared. But I was no where close. I slept through the Phillies game I wanted to watch, but the pressure was returning and I was exhausted. By 3 am I was in pain again...

Sunday: I woke up at 4am to my doctor giving me an exam. I was fully dialated. I had been in labor for 34 hours and I was losing my courage. At 6 my nurse had me push. She said I needed to do better. My mind was telling me "DO THIS!", my body was telling me "you're exhausted, sleep". At 6:30 I was given demoral and fell a sleep. At 7:00am a new nurse came in, she was REALLY excited and it woke me up. She wanted me to push, I laughed. I couldn't feel my contractions...no pressure...just pain and uncomfortableness. I started anyway. She grabbed
my left foot, Dave my right, and I grabbed behind my knees and put my chin to my chest. It felt good, better, relieving. I threw up...twice. By 730 my doctor came in, felt where Ollie's head was...made a joke...he didn't think I could do this..and for a second neither did I. I thought, " I'll show him!" I bared down my weight and shifted, and pushed. The nurse could see his head and showed Dave. I was ready, he was ready, our son was ready. I pushed till 7:50, she yelled "STOP!..I have to get the nursery staff and your doc, he's here!". My doctor got scrubbed and a bunch of people came in the room. I couldn't see their faces, i didn't have my glasses on, it was blurry and sweaty and hot. The doctor came to my bed I told him I needed to keep going, he said to push. I pushed. I gritted and grunted and pushed. I gripped my knees with my sweaty hands and with a final push, I felt a giant relief, pressure gone, pain gone, and just silence...I waited...they put him on my stomach.. I was overcome. Dave cried and I just stared in amazement...he was beautiful. He was perfect. He was ours. He was mine. And I loved him. Dave cut his cord and they rushed him away. They cleared out his lungs, he cried...I cried. I was silent. Amazed. I texted everyone. Dave called everyone. We were stunned he finally was here!

and he was amazing...

we couldn't stop holding him.

our little boy was here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introduction time...

This is us...
Megg & Dave....

This is our son, Oliver.....

now i have to go feed a screaming child....more later...